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Cosmelan 2

Cosmelan 2

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Cosmelan 2 is a topical anti-spot cream for home use that works wonders in combination of the Cosmelan peel. This product is recommended to retrain those melanocytes that want to over produce pigmentation. This product should not be used in conjunction with any retinoids, AHA, BHA or any exfoliating acids as it is very exfoliating on its own.

Cosmelan contains an exclusive combination of active substances with proven efficacy, which act on all phases of the hyperpigmentation process totally eliminating existing hyperpigmentation, preventing its reappearance, and also stopping the appearance of new dark spots. It is an all-around effective result.

Cosmelan 2 treatment cream boosts the depigmenting result of Cosmelan 1, keeping the production of new melanin under control, preventing the reappearance of the dark spots treated, and controlling the appearance of new spots.

Use a pea size amount warming up on finger tips, Use once daily in the pm on clean skin once you reach the 2 month mark post Cosmelan peel. Keep in your nightly routine for 6-9 months to keep pigment at bay.

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